The full power of Salesforce—inside your inbox

Update and sync Salesforce up to 5x faster

You spend hours each day in your inbox coordinating meetings, sending white papers, and building relationships.
With the Salesforce plugin for Nylas Mail, you can update Salesforce automatically as your conversations turn into deals.

Craig Jordan

Co-founder, SaaScend

Nylas Mail makes it super simple for me to create and update Salesforce records without ever having to leave my email. It's saving me at least a half hour every day and the hassle of navigating Salesforce to manage my pipeline. This tool is an invaluable part of our sales stack and empowers me to focus more on delivering for our clients.

Nylas Mail's Salesforce features at a glance

Better, more complete records—automatically

Nylas Mail already enhances your conversations with name, title, and social media information in the contact sidebar. With the Nylas Mail Salesforce plugin, we also enhance your Salesforce records with address, website, and other important corporate information.

No more context switching

Every new conversation could be a big one. Add the people you're emailing as Leads or Contacts right within your inbox. Once you get to the next step in the sales process, you can convert your Leads to Contacts on the fly.

Built on the Nylas Mail platform

Of course, Nylas Mail's Salesforce integration is only one part of what makes it the perfect email app for sales professionals. Nylas Mail's built-in mail merge, templates, and enhanced contacts all help you write and connect with your prospects in deeper, more meaningful, more personalized ways— all of it is built to help you be your best.

Adam Lewites

Business Development, WideAngle

Salesforce is our system of record but operates completely autonomously from email information and discussions. Now I've been able to bring the two together, which saves me a huge amount of time.

Automated sync for emails, events, and open and click data

Sometimes it's important for your team to trace the path that brought you to the current stage of an Opportunity. Nylas Mail makes it super simple to add email threads to Salesforce, and those threads will automatically sync as new emails enter your inbox.

Quick updates to Opportunities

Always keep your team updated—without losing your groove. As your conversations progress, Nylas Mail lets you easily update Opportunities and add extra Leads to an Opportunity, right within your inbox.

Smarter Opportunities and Accounts

It's never been easier to get all of your Salesforce records linked properly. Nylas Mail lets you create and link Opportunities and Contacts intuitively, just by typing a few letters and clicking once.