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The best email app for people and teams at work

Nylas N1 is packed with powerful features and integrations to help you understand
prospects better, improve your outbound prospecting, and be more productive.


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“LeadGenius has helped its customers generate over $50,000,000 in pipeline revenue by using Nylas.”
— Anand Kulkarni, Founder and Chief Scientist, LeadGenius

Designed from the ground up to help you boost productivity—and revenue

Boost engagement with your outbound campaigns

Get notified when prospects open your emails and click your links,
then schedule your messages to send at the most effective time.

Send personalized messages at scale

Mail merge messages are indistinguishable from 1:1 emails—
meaning they're much more likely to land in the inbox, not the
Spam folder. Nylas N1's mail merge feature lets you make
messages personal for up to 500 recipients at a time.

Get more done

You live in your inbox. Built-in snooze, meeting requests, and quick
reply templates are just some of the Nylas N1 features designed to
streamline your day.

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Powerful email for power users

Nylas N1 includes dozens of advanced features out of the box—no
extensions required.

Enriched Contacts

Open and Click Tracking


Send Later

Quick Reply Templates

Meeting Requests

Send Availability

Mail Merge


PGP Encryption

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Compatible with all mail providers


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