2.5 Billion Mailboxes, 
One API.

Take the pain out of IMAP and MS Exchange.

Nylas Cloud is the easiest way to connect your app with email, contacts, and calendars.

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Simple APIs for email, contacts, and calendar.

Integrate in minutes instead of months. Nylas Cloud lets you focus on features for your users, not infrastructure.

Built by developers, for developers.

Nylas brings email into the 21st century with beautiful APIs that abstract the complexity of Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, SMTP, and MIME.

Scale from megabytes to petabytes.

From a single mailbox to hundreds of thousands, Nylas Cloud can scale to meet your app’s needs. And for the more serious players, enterprise-grade support and SLAs are available.

Includes dozens of powerful features:


  • Sync mail from any IMAP account
  • Compatible with Exchange ActiveSync 2.5
  • Move messages between IMAP folders
  • Create, rename, and delete IMAP folders
  • Change Gmail labels on messages/threads
  • Create, rename, and delete Gmail labels
  • Send mail via SMTP
  • Filter by to, cc, bcc, date, and more.


  • Sync via Google Calendar & Exchange
  • Schedule new events & send invitations
  • Parse incoming event notifications from mail
  • Send RSVPs to event invitations


  • Real-time updates for new messages
  • Trigger on new calendar invites


  • Sync from Google Contacts
  • Sync from Exchange address book
  • Also populated from sent & received mail

All Endpoints

  • RESTful APIs with modern semantics
  • UTF-8 and JSON response bodies
  • Ultra-fast response times vs. IMAP
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