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Nylas Mail

Understand your audience

Nylas Mail delivers insight into who your contacts are and how they engage with your emails.

Enriched contacts

Understanding your contacts and customers is the key to connecting with them. Nylas Mail provides the context you need with enriched contact profiles featuring bio info, social profiles, location info, and more.

Open tracking

Activity tracking is built into Nylas Mail so you get notified as soon as contacts read your messages and can follow up appropriately.

Link tracking

How contacts engage with your content gives you insight into what’s working and what’s not. Nylas Mail notifies you when your links are clicked so you know what’s generating interest.

Make your inbox your own

Personalize your email experience so you can work the way you want.

Unified inbox

Using a single inbox for all of your email accounts helps you get more done in less time. Nylas Mail supports every major mail provider—Gmail, iCloud, Office365 Exchange,, Yahoo!, and IMAP/SMTP—so you have a single, streamlined command center for all your messages.


Your signature should leave a lasting impression. Nylas Mail lets you create unlimited custom signatures and use them across all the accounts in your unified inbox.


Customize the look and feel of your Nylas Mail inbox based on your mood, time of day, or style!

Boost your productivity

Make your inbox work for you.

Undo Send

Sometimes you hit send just a moment too soon, and you wish you could take it back. With Nylas Mail, you can. Just click Undo and the message will be saved to your Drafts folder instead.

Quick reply templates

Typing common emails over and over is a drag—and when you send outreach that works, you want to reuse it. Nylas Mail’s quick reply templates let you create a library of customizable emails that are at your fingertips every time you send.


Business happens in every language. Nylas Mail can translate messages written in English into Spanish, Russian, simplified Chinese, French, and German—right inside your draft.

Spell Check

Nylas Mail auto-detects the language you’re using and spell checks for that language. No settings changes necessary!

Loved by thousands of users

Make your emails more effective by engaging with your contacts when and how they’re most responsive.

Anand Kulkarni
Founder, LeadGenius

LeadGenius has helped its customers generate over $50,000,000 in pipeline revenue by using Nylas.

Craig Jordan
Co-founder of SaaScend

Nylas Mail makes it super simple for me to create and update Salesforce records without ever having to leave my email. This tool is an invaluable part of our sales stack.

Adam Lewites
Business Development at WideAngle

Salesforce is our system of record but operates completely autonomously from email information and discussions. Now I've been able to bring the two together, which saves me a huge amount of time.

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